AISS associated partners are Biotoopia, Citizen OS, Lääne- Harju municipality, Inspirators! from Estonia and Yle broadcasting company and Tampere City from Finland.

Biotoopia: Estonian Anthropocene Center NPO is founded by citizens Kelli Turmann and Karin Kiigemägi in 2020. The NPO is managed by one board member, Kelli Turmann. Together with experts of the fields and partner organisations we have started the Biotoopia project with a 5-year perspective to connect creative people and natural scientists in order to find new understandings and patterns for saving and restoring the world’s biosphere. Biotoopia amplifies the power of multispecies communities by shifting patterns of thought and behavior in order to sustain a flourishing future for all.

Citizen OS: We’re a team of passionate civic tech professionals and expert partners on a mission to improve democracy! We want to empower as many people as possible to participate in respectful, meaningful discussions. So that everyone, everywhere, can decide together on issues that affect their own wellbeing.

Lääne- Harju municipality: Lääne-Harju parish is located in the western part of Harju County on the coast of North-West Estonia. The municipality has more than a hundred kilometers of beautiful coastline on the shores of Lohusalu, Lahepere, Pakri and Keibu bays and Kurkse strait. The municipality of Lääne-Harju appeared on the Estonian administrative map on October 24, 2017, after local government elections in the merger of Keila, Vasalemma and Padis municipalities and the city of Paldiski.

Inspirators!: In 2021, Inspirators! was founded as a tech company with a mission to provide smart and competitive solutions to industries. Co-founders, Kristi and Allar, brought their extensive experience in IT licensing and services as well as building industrial, financial, and CAD solutions to establish a company that delivers high value to our customers. Although we received interest from investors, we decided to finance our startup from our own capital, and have since taken a practical approach in providing services and developing products that meet the needs of our customers.

Yle broadcasting company: Yle Finnish Broadcasting Company, is Finland’s national public broadcasting company, founded in 1926. Yle operates three national television channels, 13 radio channels and services, and 25 regional radio stations. Yle uses both of the country’s two official languages, while also providing services to the Sami people, as well as other minorities and special groups.Responding to the changes requires Yle to continuously foster journalistic quality and its independence, be open, listen to its audiences and be the voice of a diverse Finland.

Tampere City: Tampere is Finland’s second largest urban area and one of the fastest growing city regions in the country. A perfect location, top higher education institutions, world-class business environment and living life with Tampere attitude make it the favourite city of the Finns year by year.