Self-funded student tuition fees

The tuition fees are 2000€ per semester, for a total of 8000€. The participation costs do not cover living expenses (e.g., accommodation) and travel expenses. Below, you can see average living costs in Tallinn, Tampere and Porto. 

General living costs

Country/City: Estonia/Tallinn
Campus Accommodation (Per Semester): 150–350 € in the dormitories. Average rent 350–650€. 
Food (Estimate): 300€(per month)
Books and other academic requisites: To be added
Immigration registration Fee: 100 €
Residents of other countries for opening the bank account in Estonia:  Swedbank 200€ (open: Complete price list of Swedbank services). LHV bank 100€ for EU citizens and 200€ for non-EU).
Total for 6 months: 4400€


Country/City: Finland/Tampere
Campus Accommodation (Per Semester): 200–500 € (do note that renting from the private market is likely to cost from 600€ upwards).
Food (Estimate): 200-400€ (estimate includes one average priced student meal per weekday and groceries at 35–85€/week)
Books and other academic requisites: To be added
Immigration registration Fee: To be added
Total for 6 months: To be added


Country/City: Portugal/Porto
Campus Accommodation (Per Semester): No campus accommodation available. Average rent 350€ (per month)
Food (Estimate): 200€ (per month)
Books and other academic requisites: approx. 100€
Immigration registration Fee: 90€
Total for 6 months: 3 990€ (Estimate)

Estimated travelling costs:

Tallinn– Porto; around 600€

Porto-Tampere: around 1200 €

Tampere-Tallinn: around 120 €

The last place depends on your choice of university, so either Tampere, stay in Tallinn, or Porto.


The Erasmus Mundus requirements for the insurance are below. The student is required to have insurance that meets the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master requirements. It is mandatory for all students.
Insurance Guidelines


VISA Guidelines