The AISS programme is co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programme.


  • The purpose of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s scholarship is to support and acknowledge students who demonstrate excellence in studies and support students in executing master studies in the program of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies.
  • The scholarship is paid to students monthly through the university according to the mobility plan (Tallinn University, Lusófona University, Tampere University, and last semester’s location by student’s choice).
  • The scholarship is meant to cover insurance, travelling costs related to the mobility scheme, housing, and food.
  • No more than 10% of the total number of scholarships are awarded to students from the same nationality.

 Applying for a scholarship 

The student has the right to apply for a scholarship if: 

  • the student submits the scholarship application during the admission procedure for the AISS master programme.
  • the student is not benefiting from another EU-funded scholarship scheme to follow the same (or another) EMJM master programme. (for the entire period of enrolment in the course) 

Awarding the scholarship  

The student has the right to receive the scholarship if:

  • the student has passed the admission exams and belongs to the top 10 best students in the admission ranking.
  • the student is enrolled in the EMJM master programme.
  • the student studies the entire duration (24 months) or, in case of recognition of prior learning, a minimum of one academic year.
  • the minimum mobility requirements are met.
  • if there are several applicants having the equal admission results, the gender balance is favoured.

 Payment of scholarship and termination of payment 

  •  The amount of the scholarship is 1400 Euros per month.
  • The scholarship is paid according to each university’s payments’ schedules each month for the previous month.  
  • The scholarship is paid if the student has studied for an entire calendar month.
  • The scholarship is paid to the account indicated by the student in an email to the admin personnel.
  • The students have an obligation to inform the beneficiary as soon as possible of any events or circumstances likely to affect the student agreement.
  • A reduction of the scholarship is made if the minimum mobility requirements are not fulfilled (proportionate amount corresponding, for instance, to the missing mobility period of the concerned academic semester).
  • The scholarships (and scholarship payments) are suspended if the student is forced to temporarily interrupt the studies and resume the studies afterwards, provided that the EMJM-project funding is still ongoing (payments after the end of the action set out in Mobility tool data sheet, will be ineligible). 

Dispute procedure 

Decisions related to applying for, awarding and paying a scholarship can be contested in accordance with the procedure provided for in § 33 of the Tallinn University Study Regulations.