Future Students

If you believe you can think critically and build bridges between different disciplines and sectors, join us! 

AISS coordinator from Lusófona University José Vasconcelos mentions that a diverse academic background is welcomed by prospective AISS students, given the interdisciplinary nature of the field. While traditional computer science and engineering backgrounds are common, there is an increasing recognition of the value of social science expertise in understanding the societal impact and ethical considerations of artificial intelligence (AI) applications. “Here are some suitable academic backgrounds for AISS MSc students: Computer Science and Engineering (focus areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science); Information Technology (focus areas: Information Systems, Data Analytics, Human-Computer Interaction); Social Sciences (focus areas: Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics); Cognitive Science (focus areas: Cognitive Psychology, Linguistics, Neuroscience); Statistics and Mathematics (focus areas: Statistical Methods, Probability, Mathematical Modeling); Design (focus areas: service designers, graphical designers, sustainable designers, landscape and environmental desginers); Ethics, Policy, and Law (focus areas: Ethics of Technology, Policy Analysis, Legal Studies), Business and Management (focus areas: Management Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics) and also Biology, Environmental sciences, Geography.”- says José.