Join webinar on the topic of “Responsible AI adoption Ecosystem” on 7.03.2024

Join our webinar on the topic of “Responsible AI adoption Ecosystem” organized by Tallinn University, School of Digital Technologies and the Digital Transformation and Life Learning Research Team on the 7th of March at 1 p.m. online! The panel discussion will be structured as an interactive dialogue, where panelists will share their insights and engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas.
Our speakers: Alex Moltzau, Gisele Waters, Ph.D., Cristina Andersson, Merja Bauters, Angele Giuliano, Moderator: Marwa Soudi

The panel discussion will be structured as an interactive dialogue, where panelists will share their insights and engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas. We aim to explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in the responsible adoption of AI, particularly focusing on the collaboration between academia, industry, standards committees, and international institutes.


More about Speakers:

Alex Moltzau                                                                               

For the last three years, Alex has led the work on policy, governance and ethics in Norway’s largest research collaboration within artificial intelligence (AI). During this time, he built an overview of the field, strengthening NORA’s position nationally and partnerships internationally. In additions, he is a member of the Computer and Climate Expert Group, as well as the AI Ethics Expert Group by Nordic Innovation under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Alex contributes to shaping national policy in Norway within the field of AI in various ways through active participation in various boards contributing to AI governance policymaking and talking to political leadership in Norway. Furthermore, he has contributed to bilateral partnerships, such as the collaboration between Norway and the United States of America through the agreement between the US Department of Energy and the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

Gisele Waters

Gisele Waters is the working group chair of IEEE P3119, cofounder of the AI Procurement Lab, an AI governance standards builder, and a human-centred design researcher. She is focused on addressing risk to vulnerable populations by optimising human experiences and processes with technology.

Cristina Andersson

Cristina Andersson is an entrepreneur and management consultant. Cristina has worked with artificial intelligence and robotics since 2011 as an expert in different EU and national organisations as well as with several companies. She is a member of the Nordic Ethical AI Expert Group and a member of the EU Horizon Cluster 4 Committée in Finland.

Angele Giuliano

Angele Giuliano is a Maltese entrepreneur in the technology and ICT sectors with a strong background in European research, innovation and regional development projects. Angele has been CEO and managing director at AcrossLimits since 2001, as well as an expert evaluator, reviewer, National Innovation Champion and Ambassador for the European Innovation Council, jury member for the European Commission, and several national governments in Europe. Her expertise focuses on making the best use of European organisational and business growth opportunities. Angele is passionate about female empowerment and is a past President of the Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs in Malta.

Merja Bauters

Merja Bauters is a research professor in Digital Transformation and Lifelong Learning at the School of Digital Technologies at Tallinn University, where she leads an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme, Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies and a research team of six persons. Bauters is a docent of semiotics at the University of Helsinki. Bauters has been involved in executed research, planned and guided co-design, and participatory and design thinking processes in multiple EU- and national projects on technology-enhanced learning at workplaces, effects of twin transition and the Artificial Intelligence Act on the SME field. Bauters’ teaching activities include 30 courses on design, design methods, semiotics and project communication for engineers and humanistic studies. She received her PhD from the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki, 2007, discussing Charles Peirce’s thoughts on interpretation. She has directed PhDs and masters and over 100 bachelor’s degrees and acted as the opponent to PhD dissertations.

Marwa Soudi (moderator)

A serial Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the EdTech industry. Marwa is currently a Junior Researcher of Digital Transformation and Lifelong learning at Tallinn University, and Ph.D. candidate at Tallinn University with a focus on Responsible AI and how to build a trustworthy AI ecosystem for SMEs. She is the co-founder and Technology Capacity Building Manager at IdeasGym. In February 2018 she won the “ICT for Woman” first place award for co-founding IdeasGym e-learning platform and IdeasGym achievements, the award was presented by the Ministry of Communication in cooperation with UNDP and Telecom Egypt. I was awarded the Tony Elemelu grant for entrepreneurship in Africa in 2018. Marwa holds a BSc and MSc in Electronics and Communications from Alexandria University and MA in Educational Technology from the University of Tartu, Estonia with a focus on the role of tinkering and making in educational technology. Marwa is a member of the IEEE Working Group, P3119 AI Procurement Standard. And co-chair of the IEEE Working Group, P3119 AI Procurement Standard Terminology Subgroup.

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