Student candidates may submit applications to no more than two competitions within one admission period. International student candidates shall submit all the required documents in XYZ by the application deadline. 

When submitting documents, international student candidates shall consider country-specific requirements published on the website of Tallinn University in case the country-specific requirements apply to the country where the candidates have acquired their education. 

If the diploma of the previous level/stage of education and the transcript of records / academic transcript are missing, the international student candidate shall first submit a certificate with study results and, no later than on 1 July, the diploma and the transcript of records / academic transcript. 

The documents to be submitted shall be in English. Documents which are not in Estonian or English shall be accompanied by an English translation certified by the issuer, sworn translator or notary. 

International student candidates who have submitted their application and required documents by the deadline and whose documents have been assessed to comply with the admission requirements of the ERASMUS MUNDUS JOINT MASTERS shall be allowed to take the speciality-specific admission exam. 

International student candidates who have passed the speciality-specific admission exam shall submit within two weeks after publication of admission exam results or no later than by the deadline established by Tallinn University for sending the documents to Narva mnt 25, Tallinn 10120 the required documents in paper format. 

For the purpose of checking the application and the documents, the University shall have the right to use the different information databases, make queries to educational and other institutions and send documents proving education for assessment of qualification to the Estonian ENIC/NARIC Centre. 

Copies and/or notarised/certified copies and/or notarised/certified translations of submitted documents shall not be returned to the candidate. 

Admission exams:

Minimum programme enrolment threshold: 70 points out of 100. The university has the right to ask the applicant to show identification for identity verification and record entrance exams that take place via video call. 

You can contact the admissions office at


Decisions related to admission can be contested by submitting an appeal to the Academic Affairs Manager within three working days of the publication date of the decision or the date of conduct of the proceedings. The Academic Affairs Manager may forward the appeal for review to the Admission Committee for a justified proposal as to the satisfaction or exclusion of the appeal. The student candidate is informed of the Academic Affairs Manager’s decision within five working days of the submission of the appeal. 

More specifically: 
The student candidate shall add relevant documents to the contest and include the following in the contest: 

1) the content of the decision or procedure being contested  

2) explanations why the decision or procedure being contested violates the rights of the student candidate 

3) a clearly defined demand of the contester.  

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The European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), in the context of managing the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees, collects and processes the personal data of some of the candidates. In particular, certain data of the scholarship holders (students and scholars), non-scholarship holders and reserve list candidates is shared with the Agency through the EACEA Mobility Tool and treated according to the following privacy statement.